Birte Rohlfing

Birte in ViennaBirte was born on the 22nd of January 1970 and she lives in Bremen, which is in Germany, somewhere way up north (hehe). She's a Biology student, a (Star) Trekkie (woah!) and obviously a Falco fan (who would've guessed it?). She's been a fan for 13 years now - her favourite songs include Satellite to Satellite, Jeanny, Out of the Dark, Garbo and Untouchable.

She drew the first picture in February 1998, shortly after Hans' death - at the time when she was still very much in shock. She tried to express those feelings, by drawing all of Hans' characteristics in a few simple traits. The inspiration for this drawing is the cover of the Emotional album, and it was done with crayon on paper (I think).
Pic No 2 and 3 were made quite a bit later, in summer 1999 I think (hehe). I'll ask. The originals are one pic from the Was Bleibt book and one image from the Ltd Ed. Privacy book. Pics 4 & 5 are from Was Bleibt as well - isn't No 4 just amazing? Not sure about No 6, but that was a special request from Arno, so the original is in his Falkenhorst *g*! Finally, No 7 was inpired by the poster included with the Privacy book.

As Birte is far too modest, she never told me what a great artist she is - so I only found out when she sent me a letter on paper with a drawing of hers... she allowed me to put it into the gallery though. By now there are 6 pics from her in the gallery - all of them FABULOUS! I am so proud to be able to display them here!! Just had to say that :) I do hope she'll keep on drawing Hans!!

You can contact Birte at this e-mail addie:


Birte's drawing Birte's 2nd drawing Birte's 3rd drawing Birte's 4th drawing Birte's 5th drawing Birte's 6th drawing Birte's 7th drawing