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Create your own Falco Desktop!

Download these great backgrounds, icons, sounds, startup screens and skins and customize your Windows 95 desktop to full Falco glory!!! 

Desktop backgrounds

Falco desktop in 1024x768Click on the small pic to get to the real thing. Wait till it is fully loaded, then right-click on it and choose "set as background" (or "wallpaper"). This is the1024x768 version. Click here for the 640x480 version.

This one looks pretty cool when used as "tiles". This is the original size, so just right-click and set as background. In my opinion, it looks best when you set the "appearance" colour (i.e. what appears around the text of your icons) to match the colour of Hans' shirt! *hehe* from the Enhanced CD 

Falco Eyes 

Wanna have Hans staring at you
all day long? Pretty therapeutic
if you ask me! Also use as "tiles"



Icons and Cursors

IconsGet my fal-ico.zip file with icons, cursors, animated cursors and a text file explaining how it all works! A must for all fans! It only has 7.05 KB and 11 different items.
NEW! Download
Tony Postigo's icons!! Lots of them (17 icons, 2 cursors), in true colour, very nice!! Download here (37KB)!

Desktop sounds

I have created a basic Windows 95 Falco theme:
  • Windows Start: "Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening"
  • Shut-down: "Do geht glei's Licht aus, hehehe"
  • Exclamation: "Alles Kacke"
  • Default Sounds: "Cha" (from "Der Kommissar")
It only has 213KB and you can download it here!
Sound theme

Alternatively, go to my Sounds page and download some of those sounds for your Windows settings. Or create your own with the CD player (or VCR, hehe) and sound recorder!

Start-Up Screen

Falco StartUp Screen You can use this as Start-up or as Shut-down Screen. Start-up: The .zip file behind the pic contains a logo.sys file, which goes straight into your root (C:\) directory. Do back up the original file if you want to keep it.
To use as shut-down, rename to "logow.sys" and put into the C:\Windows directory. Beware: if your Explorer is set to "hide system files", you won't be able to see the file at all! You can change that under View/Options!

By the way, a great desktop theme can be found at Tony's Kommissar 2000 site. It has more than 3 MB, but it's worth the download and you can check out previews before you go for it.

Winamp & ICQ Plus Skins

ICQ Skin  I've created both a Winamp 2.x and an ICQ Plus Skin. Click on the previews to download the .zip files, which contain instructions as well.
The Winamp Zip has 43.2 KB. There are no EQ or PL skins I'm afraid.
The ICQ Zip has 6.45 KB and contains an animation as well.
Winamp Skin 
Tony has created great Winamp Skins too, which you can download from his site.

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