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The Falco Fan Network

There is a very active group of Falco-fans from around the world on the Web, and this page is here to tell you about some of their activities and how you can join them.

The Falco Mailinglist

Basically, everything revolves around this great Mailinglist which is run by Patrick Melis and Thomas Numberger. It usually has more or less 120-140 members from all around the world and can get very lively at times - we've had up to 60 mails a day! Do visit the official Mailinglist site by Patrick with lots of features, but you can also go to the List-Server and subscribe directly.

Do also pop by the Webgallery, run by Marlies, where many of the members introduce themselves.

The Falco Mailinglist

Closely related to this are the following:

Falco ICQ List

ICQlistThis lists those members of the Mailinglist which also have the chatprogram ICQ (there's quite a few) and enables you to page, e-mail them or add them to your ICQ List.

Trading ClubFalco Trading Club

The Yahoo Trading Club allows users to sell, look for, swap Falco items like rare discs.
There is also a chat and other features!

One should also mention the english-speaking Yahoo! Falco group, which was founded because many english-speaking fans felt a bit left out on the mailinglist with mostly German posts. Not very lively at the moment, but maybe that will change soon...

Falcolist Meetings

The members of the onlione Falco community have met several times in Vienna so far. They were always memorable events none of us would have missed. I have compiled a few details about the different meetings:
The first meeting was in August 1998, only 6 months after Falco's tragic accident. We met at the "Zentralfriedhof" and later on went to the "Heurigen" (typically Austrian cafe). you can find a couple more pics on my seperate Meeting page.
The second meeting was the first anniversary of Falcos death. Many people had come, from Austria, Germany, Italy and even England. Apart from visiting the grave (of course), we couldn't miss the Falco Tribute night at the U4 (famous Viennese club). You absolutely have to see the detailed report with many photos that I have made of the event. More about last February's meeting
Less people had come for the meeting in August this year, but those that were there were lucky enough to meet Falcos mum at the grave and ended up chatting with her until late at night. What better way to learn more about Hans Hölzel? </td
Well, the Vienna 2000-meeting is over as well now, it was a big success, there were more international fans than ever before! There were several events this year and Falco's mum was there meeting the fans, too.
Of course there is a separate page with a report and lots of pics!!
Thanks to Birte for the pic

The Webring

There is also a Falco Webring which lists about 20 sites. It's not directly affiliated with the Mailinglist, but my guess is all Webring-members are also on the list.


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