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Falcoline Meeting August 1998

This is a short page about the first meeting of the Falcolist in August 1998. A couple of us met up from around the 19th of August. We met at the Zentralfriedhof, went to the grave together, where we all paid our respect to Hans.
We later went on to a Heuriger, and some of us met up again that night for a drink at the Donauinsel. Here are some of the photos I took.
Click right here to see the message Arnold made for Hans (which we all signed).

Arno at the grave

Here's our group at the grave. L.t.r., standing: Arno's friend (Michael?),
myself (Nadia :-), Margit, Martine (my friend) and Birte.
Sitting: Stefan, Arnold, Ivan and Igor (or is it the other way round?).

The grave with all the flowers...

A little later, having a drink together...

... and this is MUCH later, at the Donauinsel...
Margit, Stefan, Nadia and Tobias.

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