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Most of these articles are in German I'm afraid. I intended to translate them, but it is an awful lot of work. You can use Altavista's Translation Service. I also recommend Paula's Cafe Falco site which has quite a few articles in English or Falcoextrablatt by Tina
For more details about what's displayed here please check out my Readme page. Please also note that some of this stuff was first photocopied, then scanned: I couldn't always read everything.


Article from 1981 - unknown mag

"Popcorn" questionnaire 1985 - with scans of handwriting!

Two commentaries on "Jeanny" from a DDR magazine (1986)

"Bravo" article 1988

Interview "BASTA" 1990

Interview "Insider" 1990

Interview "Rennbahn Express" 1990

Club Ö3 Magazin Interview (1997)

"Bunte" 'interview' 1998 - TRANSLATED!

Interview with Maria Hölzel & with the DoRo guys - NEWS 1999

Interview with Maria Hölzel, from "Vienna Online" - 1999

Article about real and fake friends - Wiener 2/99


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