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Falco Sound Files

Here are a couple of quotes I've copied from TV interviews and extracts from songs. Funny to use them for your Windows Sounds settings or simply to listen and enjoy :-)
I did this connecting my VCR headphone socket to the computer's "line in" plug, okay? Not always terribly good quality...

Falco talking

"Die Alphabete so lange mit dem Hirn zu kitzeln, bis sie zumindest vor Lachen einen Satz machen." (ORF interview 1988)

"I waß, daß ich für viele Leute ein Brechmittel bin, aber Gottseidank, wenigstens etwas." (ORF interview)

"Wo wird das noch enden?"
to Peter Alexander in his TV show.

Gut erwischt
"Ich hab's eigentlich ganz gut erwischt." (ORF interview, I think)

Good evening
"Ladies and gentlemen, good evening!" as a guest VJ for MTV

"Alles Kacke!"
Hey, I didn't say it, it was Hans! (from an ORF interview).

"Ich sage nur: Falco!"
Peter Alexander announcing Falco in his TV show.

"Ich bin ein abgefuckter Urwiener irgendwie." (ORF interview again)

"I bin der beste Vater der Welt!"
That's so sweet! (and kinda sad too). Dunno where he said that.

Extracts from Songs

"Jeanny, quit living on dreams!" - rather towards the end of the song.

Hit Me
"Das Tier in Dir gehört jetzt miiiir!!!"

Out of the Dark
Well... "Out of the Dark!! (of the dark, of the dark...)"

Satellite to Satellite
This is the reversed bit that I reversed again, so now it's spoken the right way around! Check it out!

Tribute to Falco

From the "Tribute to Falco" song by the Bolland Project feat. Alida. Basically a Falco quote ("Kommt her und schaut in mein Herz...") - 485KB! Click here for the .mp3 version (smaller and better quality, but you need an .mp3 player to hear this.) - 307KB.
This is the small "modem quality" .mp3 version (65.8KB)

Nice Sound effects

These were sent to me by Tony Postigo - please visit his Cyberfalco. These sound files are really well done and fun to use as Windows sounds. Unfortunately they are so big that I have to offer them in .mp3 format.

"I'm so emotional"
(with nice echo effect, 56.6KB).

(from "Junge Römer", 26.3KB)

"Romans, romans, romans, romans"
(from "Junge Römer", 56.3KB)

"Alles Klar"
(from "Der Kommissar", 31.4KB)

Dirty laugh :)
(from the "Wiener Blut" Club remix, 65.5KB)

"Groove (groove)"
(from "Data de Groove", 23.9KB)

"Doctor, Doctor!"
(from "Wiener Blut", 29.2KB)

Exit Windows
(the beginning of "The Sound of Musik", 171KB)

Start Windows
(the beginning of "The Star of Moon and Sun", 233KB)

(from "Tango the Night", 87KB)

"Fit mit Falco auf Ö3"

Okay, as far as I know, this "Fit mit Falco" was on on Austrian radio in '93 or '94 - really early in the morning. It is some kind of Aerobics program with Hans. These are a couple of extracts in .mp3 format - not always very good quality, I'm afraid.

Falco and Blacky Fuchsberger

These are three (zipped) .mp3 extracts from Blacky Fuchsberger's "Heute Abend" Show in 1986. It's basically an interview. It was on TV, but you can pretty much follow everything in audio.

Deutsche Version