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Pick of the Month

On this page, I will choose something different from time to time (not every week anymore, sorry, hehe) that I think deserves our attention. That may be a particularly nice photo I've discovered, or a very clever quote, a fact from Hans' life, a sound extract from an interview or song, or something I've discovered on the internet that you should go and visit. Believe you me, there is plenty to discover!
If you have a suggestion for this page, feel free to mail me!

15th February 2002

    I thought I'd put the good old Falco Mailinglist into the spotlight again - after all it's still the most active Falco fan community online.

28th December 2001

    Finally a new pick of the month. Check this bike, it belongs to Scott, a Falco fan from New York:

    Isn't it great to know Falco still has such fans all over the world? many thanks to Scott for sending the pic :)

Oct. 7th 2001

    *ahem* Let's just say Falco Calling had a long summer break. Anyway, thought I'd introduce two (more or less) new Falco communities...
  • The Yahoo! FalcoFanatics group is especially interesting for you English speakers who sometimes get lost in the German-speaking world of online-Falco-ism. It's a bit quiet there right now, so maybe some of you would like to liven it up a bit?
  • Then there's The Out of the Dark sites, a club with news, forum and such.

June 23rd 2001

May 25th 2001

April 30th 2001

    Jeanny-related again: Polish band Ich Troje have recorded a 'kind of' follow-up to the Jeanny songs which I do like...
  • download here
  • Check out the translated lyrics (German I'm afraid)

  • Ich Troje had also done a remake of Jeanny I. This song was published in 1999 and is included on an album called 'Ich Troje 3'. Apparently Falco had heard a version of the song (instrumental) himself. Many thanks to Magdalena for the tip and the translation!

April 17th 2001

    I have made some corrections on the Jeanny page, thanks to Wolfgang Dorner and Nenad Petrovic for their helpful mails :)

March 18th 2001

    It's gonna be a website again this month, but it's just too fab to be left out. The soulmates Tina and Arno are currently digitalising their whole Falco Press archive!! So check:
    I'd also like to mention Paula's Cafe Falco - the best site for English (translated and original) articles!

February 26th 2001

    Tony Postigo has spent a couple of hundred hours updating and redesigning his Falco site CYBERFALCO and I must say it is in my opinion the BEST FALCO SITE currently online - well worth a visit! (Spanish and English)

January 20th 2001

    Finally! This time, there's a special page with lots of info on Jeanny: the scandal around the original song and the whole idea of a trilogy - all on the extra Jeanny page!

December 18th 2000

  • Here are some exclusive photos of Hans in the mid-70es, generously sent to me by a friend of his from those times (thanks Reinhard!)!

    You can now find these pics in the archive -
    check the special DRAHDIWABERL page!

November 5th 2000

  • Falco Mobile-Mania - there are a couple of gimmicks for Falco fan mobile users. You can 'download' (by calling a number, not free of course) stuff for Nokia mobiles - you'll find some ring tones at Jamba.de, at Websms.at there's a Falco logo.
    Those who have a data cable for their mobile, can 'upload' a simple midi file from the PC - you can find some of those on my Sounds page.

Sept. 24th 2000

  • A very special tribute page to Falco can be found at www.conny.at, the personal homepage of Conny de Beauclair, legendary bouncer at the U4 and a personal friend of Falco's.

August 11th 2000

  • Here's something about Satellite to Satellite again. Sonja Friedrichs has found this interesting text by Max Reinhardt (play director):
    In den Kindern spiegelt sich das Wesen des Schauspielers am reinsten wieder.Ihre Aufnahmefähigket ist beispiellos, und der Drang zu gestalten, der sich in ihren Spielen kundgibt, ist unbezähmbar und wahrhaft schöpferisch. Sie wollen die Welt nocheinmal selbst entdecken, selbst erschaffen. Sie sträuben sich instinktiv dagegen, die Welt durch Belehrung in sich aufzunehmen. Sie wollen sich nicht mit den Erfahrungen anderer vollstopfen. Sie verwandeln sich blitzschnell in alles, was sie sehen und verwandeln alles in das, was sie wünschen. Ihre Einbildungskraft ist zwingend. Das Sofa hier? Eisenbahn: schon knattert, zischt und pfeift die Lokomotive, schon sieht jemand beglückt durch das Coupefenster die zauberhaftesten Landschaften vorbeifliegen, schon kontrolliert ein strenger Beamter die Fahrkarten und schon ist man am Ziel; ein Gepäckträger schleppt keuchend ein Kissen ins Hotel, und da saust bereits der nächste Sessel als Automobil geräuschlos dahin, und die Fußbank schwebt als Flugzeug durch alle sieben Himmel.
    This extract is part of a long text, a "speech about the actor". Sonja found it on a CD by Oskar Werner (austrian actor): Oskar Werner, Wahrheit und Vermächtnis.
    Compare it with the part from Satellite to Satellitethat's inspired by the text:
    Und auf eine Art und Weise ist das Spiel der Kinder weise,
    wenn sie die Politik des Schwebens zelebrieren und die Fußbank
    zum Aeroplan wird, nur weil auf Wolke Sieben kein Platz zu kriegen war
    Und wir alle sind uns darin einig,
    dass das erste Spiel der Kinder mit der Imagination so dicht ist, so dicht
    dass man nicht mehr hineinsehen kann,
    so dicht, dass es fast Dichtung ist.
    Meinen herzlichen Dank an Sonja für die Info :)

    July 25th 2000

    • There's a new addition to the multilingual Falco quote, schwizerdütsch this time (i.e. spoken in parts of Switzerland) - thanks to Philippe Glanzmann:
        Wenn ich morn mim Gott gägeübertritt,
        chan ich ihm sage, ich bi unschuldig,
        Ich ha niemerem öbbis gmacht. Ich ha niemer glegt,
        Ich ha niemer betroge, ich ha niemerem weh to
        usser mir sälber, und das verzeiht er mir au...

    July 9th 2000

    • I've been meaning to write about this for a while now - have a look at this Fans for Falco page. It's pretty funky (and kind of macaber), they seem to propagate some 'Falco's alive' theory. They take it with a pinch of salt thamselves though, apparently. People say it may be PR for the Falco Meets Amadeus (FMA!!) Musical - interesting anyway. By the way, they're using my biography! :

    May 2nd 2000

    • It's been a while again, so I here are 2 things to marvel at :) First there are two new translations of the Falco quotation, namely Hungarian (thanks to Anikó) and Finnish (thanks to Ville).
      Then I have a picture from the 80es showing Falco and his half sister Guggi. My thanks to Ilaria for this :)
      I'll put it in the pics archive later.
      Falco and half sister

    March 27th 2000

    • I thought I'd introduce you to our Falco-sistas in Falco-look... on the left there's Tanja and Birte's on the right...
      Tanja with her jacketBirte with her jacket
      Birte's mum has made the jackets and I've gotta say, I'm well impressed! Both girls have works of art in my Gallery by the way! Mail Birte or Tanja. And here's Falco in HIS version of the jacket.Falco with his jacket

    March 5th 2000

    Since it's been ages since the last update, there are a couple of gems this time...
      First I'd like to point out the interesting Falco Search Engine by Ivan. Here you can search the existing Falco-sites for particular features like biographies or picture archive. If you know or own a site that is not yet part of it, you can submit it right here.

      Arno & jacket I'd also like to draw your attention (with some delay) to our dear Arno(ld *g*), who won a Falco promotion jacket in January in a competition run by the NÖ-Rundschau and even ended up in the papers!
      Arno is a member of the Falcolist (obviously), please make sure to visit his Falco - The Immortal Website to! You can view the (scanned) article here (70.3KB).

    January 12th 2000

    With the fan-meeting in Vienna just around the corner, I've dug out the T-shirt design from last year. I put this together for last year's meeting and distributed it to a couple of people from the list. Some of us were wearing it, too - like Birte and Marlies, or Eva and Monica. Anyway, here you can have a look at it, and you can also download the big version (2075x2544!!!) that you can print out.

    November 24th 1999

    The translated Falco phrase is now also available in polish (thanks to Nemezis) - so there are now 13 different versions of this Falco quotation. Check it out!

    November 14th 1999

    Today's pick is slightly esoteric and only available in German I'm afraid. It's a character analysis and my friend Birte thinks it applies remarkably well to Hans.

    October 30th 1999

    Sorry it's taken me so long to update again. I've been offline for a while (gasp).
    The new Falco site Planet Falco is slowly growing. I feel I have to draw your attention to it although I am not too convinced by their concept. Nice to look at, but the contents leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway, as of Nov. 4th, they should also offer merchandising!!

    September 27th 1999

    Since the new Falco Single Verdammt, wir leben noch is now avaliable in the shops.
    See the cover of the single at the News page!

    September 14th 1999

    Hm, looks like my updates here have become pretty irregular. I do apologise. As a compensation, you'll get a special treat this week. It's the facsimile of a handwritten page by Hans from the book Privacy (out of print I'm afraid).
    There's a bigger version behind the picture.
    Bigger version behind the link

    September 5th 1999

    Okay, you are urged to check out my new & better fans page with more info about Falco meetings and especially my GREAT Vienna 2000 announcement page with information about the planned meeting in February 2000.

August 30th 1999

I've found something that the members of the Falcolist had been working on quite a while ago & thought it deserved to be Pick of the Month.
We'd taken a statement from Hans and translated it into as many languages as possible - we ended up with 12 different versions. I have made a separate page with the translated Falco statement.

August 15th 1999

I've decided to go for something a little more, erm, delicate this week...
On Arno's Immortal Website, you can find the original autopsy report for Hans Hölzel. I'm afraid there is no translation. I myself couldn't translate it, I have to admit I haven't even read it entirely. If you think you can stand it, go ahead.

August 7th 1999

I thought I'd give you the questions that 'der Macher' Andreas had to answer in the show Risiko (ZDF) (cf. my News page).
To see the answers, simply select the (white) text underneath each question.

  1. Which band did Falco perfom the song "Ganz Wien" with?
  2. Which song went to Number 1 in 2 American charts in 1986?
    =Rock Me Amadeus
  3. The song 'Jeanny' caused quite a scandal. Which German news-speaker was so shocked about it that he asked people to boycott the single?
    =Dieter Kronzucker
  4. "Sorry it took me so long (to get to the phone), Georg, but I was outside shooting garden gnomes." Georg Glück found this so funny that the scene was later included in a video. Which song was that?
    =Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da.
  5. At 4, Hans absolutely wanted an accordeon. Instead, he got a different instrument, which one?
    =A piano.
  6. The album "Out of the Dark" became a big hit after falco's death. What was it originally supposed to be called?
  7. After a promotion-tour through the US, Hans had a very special travel companion on his flight back that he'd brought for Katharina. He had to buy a seat ticket for 'him' - what was it?
    =A huge teddybear.

    The questions were all taken from the biography by Peter Lanz.

    July 12th 1999

    This week's week's choice is no longer on my server as it wasn't exactly small. It's a Falco (& Bolland) comic from the Italian Falco Homepage. See it at its original location:
    Click for the comic at its original location

    June 21st 1999

    Some of you may know this already, but I thought it was worth pointing out anyway...
    Satellite to Satellite has a part that is reversed... it's not a satanic message though I'm afraid. This is what the guy (one of the Bollands?) says: "Falco and the brothers Bolland send greetings to you via satellite from Vienna and Holland, and we thank you sincerely for playing this new Hi-fi record by Falco". You can still download the following samples:

    June 15th 1999

    David Bowie
    Falco and Bowie

    Falco was a big fan of David Bowie's (he moved to Berlin for a while in the 70es hoping to meet him there - unfortunately he didn't).
    Marcel and Monica's Falco Homebase have an interesting page about parallels between the two - references in songs, similarities in life and so on. Definitely worth a visit, even if you're not a Bowie fan!

    Deutsche Version