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The Falco Calling Picture Archive

You can explore the Picture Archive by choosing any of the categories below. You can also surf through it using the navigating arrows at the top right and at the bottom of the pages.
Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to the big version of each pic. The link below leads to its source on the net (which opens in a new window) or to the e-mail addie of the person who sent it. Enjoy!

Animated Pics
Animated Pics   13 pics - 1 page
A couple of animated Gifs I found on the net or made myself. Sorry if they're a bit jerky - some browsers do that (like IE4).
Early Pics   24 pics - 2 pages
These photos are all roughly 1982 or earlier. A lot of Einzelhaft stuff, but also some from before that time.
Early Pics
Drahdiwaberl Gigs   9 Pics - 1 page
A couple of pics from Drahdiwaberl gigs from the 70es - not always Falco, but WILD! :)
Junge Römer Session   8 pics - 1 page
These pics all seem to be from one session for the Junge Römer Album.
Junge Römer
Official Pics
Official Pics   36 pics - 3 pages
Okay, what I call "official" is a photo from a session, that Hans posed for, i.e. he did something he wouldn't have done otherwise.
Caught in the Act   21 pics - 2 pages
Any photos that caught Falco doing something, in real life that is. Nothing he posed for.
Caught in the Act
Falco Live
Falco live   29 pics - 2 pages
Pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? Stuff from concerts, TV appearances and the like.
Falco in the Media   18 pics - 2 pages
There are two sections in this: magazines and TV. There are covers and photos from mags, and TV screenshots.
In the media
Video clips
Video Clips   11 pics - 1 page
Extracts from video clips (or what I thought were) - screenshots or pics from the filming.
Falco and women   16 pics - 1 page
Any photo that has a woman on it (and Falco too). That includes his mum!
Falco & women
Falco & cars
Falco and cars   7 pics - 1 page
Well, obviously - any picture with a car. There's some rallye stuff included here.
Miscellaneous Pics   21 pics - 2 pages
This has all the photos I couldn't I couldn't really fit anywhere else.
Cologne, 8.8.88   10 pics - 1 page
All of these photos were taken in one day, 8th of August '88, in Cologne (Germany), where Falco was for promotion of his album.
Was Bleibt   25 pics - 2 pages
Lots of pics from a book that came out in '98 in Germany and Austria. Well worth buying! (info is on the pic pages)
Was Bleibt Pics
Recent pics
Recent Pics   12 pics - 1 page
These are all more or less from DomRep times (although not all in the DomRep) - let's say, post-1996.
Enhanced OotD single   18 pics - 2 pages
These are the pics that are on the multimedia section of the "Enhanced" Out of the Dark single, as well as a screenshot of the whole thing.
Enhanced OotD
Lauda Air Party
Lauda Air Party   13 pics - 1 page
These are from a party for Lauda Air in December '97 - Falco's last public appearance. Also 2 pics of the plane named after Falco.
The Funeral   23 pics - 2 pages
The photos from the funeral, the grave, the flowers, the people...
very moving
Album Covers
Album Covers

17 pics - 1 page
Single Covers
Single Covers

27 pics - 2 pages

14 pics - 1 page
Videos & books
Videos & books

9 pics - 1 page

7 pics - 1 page

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